Monday, July 20, 2009

Wine-it on ubuntu

hey look at this am playing super mario on my linux Ubuntu machine aint it cool.
How-just download and install wine and all is well after that.
then use the terminal to intall any windows application well maybee its not all but most, like microsoft office,flash games,and the likes!
so get a super mario or any other flash game and place it on your desktop then open the terminal and type:cd Desktop
after that type:wine thenameofyourgame and put the .exe efter that.
press rntre and you are done!
oh if it does not work try other games/application most will work sooner I heard the guys are working on that.
comment on this: Is wine like having windows XP,vista, 7, 2k or anyother. Keep in mind that you can apply windows themes on wine! for me hell yes its the best most legal way to rip Gates!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

how 2 number 1

Today il teach you how to share knowledge with people all over the world. this could be biblical,scientific or just plain knowledge it does not matter ill just show you how to do it. ok first type if you know it fine if you do not know its simply a website where ordinary people leave great videos. how to use: simply sign up for an account with them or the record videos using your phone or camcoder plug this device to the computer log in and upload your video. this way you can preach in front of the camera or teach a few maths trick you know or anything you are good at and then give it a very very relevant name and then u have helped the world. if this is too much go to sign up for an account then answer peoples question depending on you field of expertice. to make mention of a few the are categories like babie,car,mathematics,computer,tradition and hundreds of other and you earn points here just for authority and its very fun. try it. the are more way to share knowledge just look very carefully and you will find them. till next time. read on and be smatter.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Question are the most important things in life or atleast am made to Believe. I've always asked why when i was young but now i ask why i should ask why and the answer: i should not ask why but but answer why. get it when there is a question buzzing in my mind i do not ask around for the answer but i get the answer. why do i do this, well i think its more a matter of why not do this. confused, good go find out why? thanks for reading.