Monday, May 16, 2011

ubuntu 11.04 is simply great

Okay okay so all the versions of this OS have had one thinking I'm dumping windows but this one really shook me. If it weren't for my VB and the few PC games I'd defiantly dump windows 7+


3 words = Super Good Looking
With my new display, a 20" Samsung TFT, the brown and purple really look superb. I can really say that sitting and staring at this makes sense and ubuntu is beautiful for real.


Use has really improved with this version as I get less errors compared to those lousy ones I got with the previous version. Note that this bug didn't exist with older versions on my both my desktop and netbook:
* No auto close after inserting of password and pressing OK
* Marking the do "do not show this again" options did not achieve the desired option
* constant errors when opening video files on both Totem and gnome media players. (Netbook only)
* modem driver not installed by default. (Huawai GSM 3G modem, Desktop only)


This is really a good version for prime reach. Shortcuts work like a charm and do practical functions like zooming and fullscreen moding with ease.

Final word

A definite must for geeks to distribute to family and friends.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Macaroni for supper @ ten pm
Prison break rocks

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The latest thing I learn on My Ubuntu 8.10

OK so over the last few days I've done some stuff to my Ubuntu that have taught me a few things I'll list and explain two:
1. Broken dependencies
OK I downloaded Firefox 3.6 and tried to install it but I got a dependency issue and then went on to get the debs for that lib only to damage my system.
What happened - I had to uninstall Firefox 2.X that I had on my system and some other stuff.
Now - Well i used Opera for 2 weeks and then returned to Firefox the 3.6 version now its quiet easy to use that thing and pin-ing to the applications-internet menu was also easy.
1. Open a terminal and type sudo -s then enter your password.
2. Extract this to your home folder.
3. Go to the application thing and right click it and select 'edit menu'
4. Select internet and click add.
5. Click on the picture and choose you favorite picture either from the shown icons or you can click browse.
6. Save that.
7. Type a name like Firefox and then on command select browse and then got to that Firefox file you extracted and select the file named Firefox.
8. Save that and DONE!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ubuntu is wowing

Check this out the next release of Ubuntu gas been announced and one thing thats sending pulses out is gnome 2.30 and what I can say and that will be all is that I do not need aero or milk to say "my computer LOOK great" check the links.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The great-ness of Ubuntu the Operating system

I recently had school holidays and decided to fix my some what old Intel Pentium 3 with 3 GB hard Drive space and 128 MB RAM and a 933 MHZ processor. The problem was that I could not boot from CD-ROM and so I had some working to do but it hit me that I could use my other PC to install the Ubuntu OS.

Now the thing is I have tried this before ( installing an OS on one PC and using the hard drive on another) and it had not worked but guess what with ubuntu it worked perfectly.

Why is this great, well say you want to use a new release or change your OS but you do not have the necessary system tools required by the release then you should now get new hardware not with this.

Note since you do not meet system requirements you will have a slower computer but hey its very nice to know this kind of stuff.