Monday, September 14, 2009

The great-ness of Ubuntu the Operating system

I recently had school holidays and decided to fix my some what old Intel Pentium 3 with 3 GB hard Drive space and 128 MB RAM and a 933 MHZ processor. The problem was that I could not boot from CD-ROM and so I had some working to do but it hit me that I could use my other PC to install the Ubuntu OS.

Now the thing is I have tried this before ( installing an OS on one PC and using the hard drive on another) and it had not worked but guess what with ubuntu it worked perfectly.

Why is this great, well say you want to use a new release or change your OS but you do not have the necessary system tools required by the release then you should now get new hardware not with this.

Note since you do not meet system requirements you will have a slower computer but hey its very nice to know this kind of stuff.

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